Friday, 15 January 2010

10 things I've discovered about babies

1. Babies KNOW when you have something important to do (or you need the loo) and will insist on being in your arms and nowhere else at that exact moment in time

2. As soon as you've changed their pooey nappy they'll do another one

3. Smiles cannot be caught on camera

4. Obtaining handprints is near on impossible, although footprints are achievable 9 times out of 10

5. The picture of stones in our living room is fascinating

6. Babies will be sick everywhere but on a bib or muslin

7. However much you intend for baby to fit in with your lifestyle before they arrive, they will always rule the roost

8. Laundry increases 10 fold when you have a baby

9. Trips out are a military operation requiring precise planning, but you will still always forget something

10. Their cheeky smile melts your heart and makes it all worthwhile

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

First Footprints

Today, Eden and I made her first footprints. I wanted to remember just how tiny her feet are at the moment. Wasn't sure how she'd react to paint on her feet, but she loved the slimy feeling and just gurgled away! She didn't even cry when I put her in the bath afterwards - another first.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

The big freeze

This week has seen the coldest weather here since 1963. Thousands of schools across the country have been closed all week, and the freezing temperatures mixed with snow have turned the roads to ice rinks, and severely disrupted rail and air transport.

This is a satellite picture of Great Britain:

Here at home, we've had a couple of inches of snow. As we live on a hill, the road outside our house has been pretty hazardous at times with ice. Eden and I have had a much quieter week at home as a result, and haven't been out that much. Luke had to work from home yesterday as the snow and ice was too risky. At the moment, it doesn't look like the cold snap is going to end anytime soon....

Jo and Jay get hitched!

The waiting is over! Jo and Jay were finally able to tie the knot on Sunday 3rd January, 3 months after they had originally planned (thanks to the visa process being so sloooooooow).

The week leading up to the Big Day saw 'Nine Acres' slowly filling up, starting with Jay arriving on Monday, we arrived on Friday, as did Ian, and Matt arrived early on Saturday morning. Added to this, Jay's family arrived Tuesday, and his best man Jake, on Thursday. Big as Nine Acres is, this was stretching it, and they stayed in a hotel nearby!
For us, it was our first overnight stay with Eden away from home, and we discovered just how much 'stuff' is needed to look after such a little person! With such a busy house, we found out that Eden loved watching and listening to all that was going on most of the time; there was just one evening where she was abit overstimulated, ending in a crying fit.

Unfortunately we were too busy to make a trip up Clent, but managed to fit a game of Settlers of Catan in (Ste loved his Secret Santa present)!

The wedding was lovely! Jo looked amazing, and everything just went really smoothly. Eden was really good through the service. As I was on bridesmaid duty, Luke looked after her, and her Great Grandma got a hold whilst we were saying prayers.
I wasnt able to feed Eden myself whilst in my bridesmaid dress (not easily anyway) so we gave her a bottle of formula - she was so full she slept all through the reception, which happily gave Luke and I a chance to chat to all the guests.

We waved the new Mr and Mrs Nigh off, in the bitterly cold weather - so that they could go and catch their train to the airport, and onto their new life together in sunny Florida!