Saturday, 29 October 2016

My top 5 baby/toddler products

So we're on baby 3 with Miss Mirabelle 15 weeks now, and today I've been thinking what are my top 5 products that we've used over the last 6 years and 11 months since Eden was born. 

These are my top 5 products that have made our lives happier and easier in one way or another, it's a personal list based on our own experiences as a family and as we all know when it comes to parenting, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another:

Coming in at number:
5. IKEA Antilop high chair 
The cheap and basic 'no frills or extras' is it's strength. So so easy to clean and there's no hard to get to areas, or fabric straps to clean 

4. Rose and rebellion carrier (s)
I love these so much we have all 3 sizes. Comfortable to wear, quick to clip on front or back, correct positioning for baby's hips and packs down small for the change bag when not in use. 

3.  Mam self-sterilising bottles 
These are so convenient. As I don't sterilise my breast pump, this takes away the need completely for a steriliser, so saves space in the kitchen. Also as these bottles have the same teat as mam dummies it has helped with acceptance of both bottle/dummy.

2. Gro clock
Between 2 kids so far, this has saved us many many hours of early starts. Genius! 

And my top product:
1. Medela swing breast pump 
I didn't have this with Eden and really struggled to express using another product. I am so glad I invested in this when Asher came along. It's not cheap but worth it's weight in gold. I justified the cost by adding up how many tubs of formula I wasn't buying. Pumping is quick and efficient. With Asher I was able to donate my extra milk to the hospital milk bank. Mirabelle has had ongoing feeding problems and if it wasn't for my breast pump I would've packed in breastfeeding weeks ago. 

So there's my top five baby/toddler products. What would yours be?