Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Pizza Express workshop

This morning Eden took part in a visit to Pizza Express with some other home ed families, to make her own pizza. She learnt some useful skills such as correct rolling technique and how to prepare her pizza dough base. She listened and followed instructions really well. She also showed a lot of self control (I must admit more than me!) because she didn't want to tuck into it until she'd shown Asher, grandma and grandad and do 'a big reveal' of her pizza for them. She waited so patiently for them to get home, even when I suggested we just have one slice each while we waited (naughty mummy, but I was so hungry! Eden made me wait though). 

It was a good morning, this is the second time we've done this workshop. It was a smaller group of kids today, only 8-10 instead of 30, and the small group worked much better as the staff had more time to help the kids individually.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A very busy summer!

It's been a crazy few weeks through the second half of the summer holidays and into September. 
A lot has changed for us, not least because our lovely guide dog puppy Viking has moved on from us and started his training with Guide Dogs staff at Leamington. He's doing really well and we're really proud of him, but we miss him loads!! 
Just a week after he left, extension work started on our house. We're having quite a bit of work done and new rooms built. So far it hasn't affected us too much as they work on the exterior as much as possible. It's exciting! 
My freelance nutrition work has been keeping me busy. I love working, and feel very blessed with my job! It requires a fair bit of organisation and planning to fit it in around the kids, but I wouldn't have it any other way. This month I've had the opportunity to revisit my university campuses. I graduated 10 years ago and it's been great to take time to reminisce and to see how far I've come and where my studies have taken me! 
We've also fitted in 2 breaks away, making the most of not having Viking's needs to think about. Mid-August we camped in the Peak District at a beautiful place next to some caves and waterfalls. The kids loved playing with other kids on the camping field. We cycled the Tissington Trail (I was SO proud of Eden and Asher cycling 4 miles!!) and we loved exploring the caves. 

At the beginning of September, we went on our annual 'StrickCamp' family getogether. We had an awesome time on a trek all together as a family! The staff at Ride on the Beach trekking centre did a brilliant job meeting everybody's needs from age 3 to 70+ to give us all a great experience, shared together! 
We also had a fantastic time following this at WEHEC home ed camp! 

Final update and exciting news is that Luke and Eden, who podcast at won FIRST place in the kids and family category of the UK podcast awards. Super proud of them both! Here they are with their trophy! 
With the schools being back we're back into full swing with our home ed activities now. Today we went along to a new group we've started with our friends, called Woodpeckers. It's kind of forest school like, but also just a great time for the kids to get together and enjoy the outdoors with each other. The group is working SO well and the kids and grown ups are all having a blast. Here's a pic from today: I've never seen so many kids get so muddy, but it was fabulous fun! (and nothing a bio wash can't fix at home!)
So all in all as you can see, we've been very busy and in the midst of it all I've lost track of our time outdoors total for the year. Maybe I'll restart next week!