Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mamatography: Week 6

Don't know what happened last week but I didn't get around to posting up my weekly photos so I have two week's worth to do today, although there are some gaps where I just didn't take a picture that day - rest assured the intention is always there...
30/1/12 Balloon Fun

1/2/12: Rockin' on her 'stage'

4/2/12: A snowy drive out this afternoon

5/2/12: Test-run of our birth pool (stored in the loft since Eden was born so we weren't sure what condition it would be in)

6/2/12: This fairy loves playing with cardboard tubes and milk bottle tops!

7/2/12: Trying on Mummy's boots

8/2/12 Small world play: This is Eden's traffic jam!

9/2/12 Smily happy close-up
10/2/12: I had the most amazing surprise today: a completely unexpected surprise Baby Shower was organised for me!

11/2/12: Bump and I after the wedding of some friends today
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Monday, 13 February 2012

Toddler Valentines Craft

As it's Valentines Day tomorrow I was keen to do a heart craft activity with Eden, and was inspired by this blog post to make some sparkly hearts! Like with many 2 year olds, I only have to mention glueing and sticking to Eden and her eyes light up and she turns into an incredibly helpful toddler clearing a space for our craft! Today while I was preparing the activity in the kitchen, she was chattering away at her craft table saying 'I like sticking Mummy, it's my favourite and my best'.

I cut out 3 heart shapes using cardboard from an old cereal box and covered the front of them with tin foil, taping them down at the back.
I tore a selection of pink, purple and yellow tissue paper into thin strips and small shapes.

Eden and I then used some gloopy PVA glue to stick the tissue paper down onto the tin foil hearts.

Add some sparkle
While the glue was still wet, Eden shook some confetti glitter over the top of the hearts, and stuck some sparkly gems on to finish off. I love our glitter shaker and gem stickers - they're both from the pound shop and every time I'm in there I always look to see if they're in stock to buy some more - sadly I haven't seen the sticky gems in there since I bought them a few months ago, so I ration them at home now :)  

Stuck up on our wall

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Mamatography: Week 4

23rd - 29th January
Missed a day this week, ooops! 'Must try harder....!
23/1 I love this photo! Our cat, Flo, found her own way onto Eden's lap for a cuddle. Eden's response was 'Thank you Floey, make me happy!'

25/1 A wet walk in the park hunting out puddles to splash in

26/1 I made this little drawstring bag as a gift for a family member

27/1 A Friday night treat for the husband and I

28/1 Eden and her cousins (who live a couple of hours away so we don't see them as often as we'd like to) having a lovely time together visiting a City Farm

29/1 I spent most of the day ill in bed, and Eden came and kept me company trying on all my participation medals from previous triathlons and running races 
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I'm so glad February's here! I woke up yesterday to this most beautiful sunrise!
I'm sure it's not just me that every year finds January a bit of a gloomy month, with a bit of a post-Christmas energy and mood-slump. Yesterday was 1/2/12 and as I woke and realised it was now February, my mood really lifted! It was a good start to the day, and as it happens, the rest of yesterday ended up pretty good too!

Maybe this month is even more poignant for me this year, as our new little baby is due early next month, which adds to the excitement!