Thursday, 2 February 2012

Mamatography: Week 4

23rd - 29th January
Missed a day this week, ooops! 'Must try harder....!
23/1 I love this photo! Our cat, Flo, found her own way onto Eden's lap for a cuddle. Eden's response was 'Thank you Floey, make me happy!'

25/1 A wet walk in the park hunting out puddles to splash in

26/1 I made this little drawstring bag as a gift for a family member

27/1 A Friday night treat for the husband and I

28/1 Eden and her cousins (who live a couple of hours away so we don't see them as often as we'd like to) having a lovely time together visiting a City Farm

29/1 I spent most of the day ill in bed, and Eden came and kept me company trying on all my participation medals from previous triathlons and running races 
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To Motherhood and Beyond said...

Thank you so much for this glimpse into your world vial Mamatography! I do hope to hear you are feeling better.

The Princess Poet said...

Eden is the cutest! I can't wait till mine can jump in puddles - looks like so much fun!

@littleboo_21 said...

Flo looks so happy to be getting some snuggles

(Commenting via Mamatography - Week 4 link up)

Marcy said...

Oh how I love the kitty picture!! My daughter would love for our kitty to be so comfortable with her. Someday she'll realize that if she's consistently nice to the cat, the cat will warm up to her -- but for now it takes more patience and forbearance than she has!

Christine Powell said...

the pic of her cuddling Flo is just too cute. Jesse loves the cats too, but they are less willing to be given cuddles ;)

melissa said...

Beautiful photos! Eden must be awfully gentle to have the cat hop into her lap voluntarily. I love the little drawstring bag - so pretty!

Luschka said...

Love the Eden and Flo pic! So cute! And is there anyone in the UK that hasn't been sick this month? It's taken us forever to recover!