Monday, 27 July 2009

Dear Bump

Dear Bump

Even though you've only been around for less than 22 weeks, you've changed my life so much already. In the first few weeks, you were doing some serious growing work, enough to make me feel really tired, no - exhausted, and a little sick. I was feeling so rough I had to give up my running (things must've been bad!), but you're worth it :-)

We saw you for the first time when you were 12 weeks, and you were such a lively little bean! You were bouncing around all over the place, and wouldn't keep still for your measurements - you were a cheeky little monkey already. When you'd been around 12 weeks, Daddy and I had so much fun telling all our family and friends about you, and that you'd be here by christmas. Everyone was SO excited to hear about you!

Since having you around, you've made me go off some of my favourite foods and drinks, and made me crave chocolate and sweets (I think you must have a sweet tooth as I'm much more of a savoury person usually). And my tummy is growing all the time as you get bigger.

We're preparing your room for you, which will be lovely and bright in happy colours, and collecting all the little bits and pieces we'll need to look after you. I can't wait to meet you and look after all your needs, giving you lots of cuddles along the way - watching you as you grow bigger and stronger.

Just this week, Daddy felt you kick inside for the first time, and you did the biggest kick I've felt yet last Friday, enough to make me jump! I'm looking forward to feeling more of your movements as you grow, I wonder if I'll recognise your hiccups?

We don't know if you're pink or blue, so you'll stay our little yellow bump until we get to meet you in December, what a surprise you'll be!

Lots of love,

Thursday, 23 July 2009

The big clear-out

The last few weeks Luke and I have been attempting to get rid of all the junk in our spare rooms, to make some space for the baby. We're moving our 'study room' into the spare room, which has the spare bed in it, and the old study will become the baby's nursery. I can't believe how much stuff we've acculumulated in the 2 1/2 years we've been married. We're gradually getting there though, and with the help of ebay and freecycle have got rid alot of the stuff that we never use. All the old triathlon and running magazines have gone (I noticed alot of which we had 2 copies of, from before Luke and I were living together). I bravely gave away my button collection (!) from when I was younger to Jenny from church, to use for craft. I've kept afew sentimental bits and pieces, but generally for each thing I've asked myself 'will I really miss this if I throw it away?'

The 'nursery' is beginning to take form; we're keeping the walls the same colour (yellow, orange and red' from when the room was the study. It was originally meant to be a sunset theme, but turned out abit brighter than what we were expecting, nice and bold for the baby though. On the walls we have an Andy Warhol pop-art type picture of Luke's family potraits, that Luke's sister Tasha did afew years ago. We also have the story of Solomon in pictures, with a yellow background, also done by Tasha, and I bought some colourful wall transfers of zoo animals off ebay.

Luke is working a long day today, and wont be back until 11:30 tonight, so I'm keeping myself busy with continuing to tidy, and I might pop into town for a hot chocolate in Borders later, after a walk round the Common. On Thursday I usually go to the drop-in at James Street for a bacon roll or two and a cup of tea, but they've finished for the summer now.

I've really been enjoying swimming on a wednesday lunchtime. Everyone is friendly there. I do think it's quite funny though that last week I was swimming in the 'fast' lane, and keeping up, despite being 20 weeks pregnant. I think it says more about the type of people using the pool rather than my swimming ability though! Yesterday I stuck to the medium lane as it was alot quieter in the pool.

I've been feeling definate kicks this week, especially in the morning and evening when I'm lying still in bed. Have also found I'm waking up hungry in the middle of the night, which is really inconvenient, and finding it difficult to get back to sleep. Heart burn has also kicked in..

Friday, 17 July 2009

Halfway point

Tuesday is weigh-in day and I'm quite impressed that I've put 3lb on just this week alone! I double checked just to be certain, but there's no mistaking it, I'm now officially the heaviest I've ever been (having overtaken my first year weight at uni, where I was well-fed (3 meals/day included in fees, cooked brekkie most days - yum!).

Yesterday Luke and I went to the hospital for the 20 week scan of the baby. Luke definately wanted to not know the gender, whereas I was undecided - part of me quite liked the idea of finding out. But I resisted the temptation and we''ll be finding out if we have a boy or girl when bean's born in December. I'm glad we kept it as a surprise now. All was well with the baby and the sonographer said everything looked normal.

Last night we went to see the new Harry Potter film: The Half Blood Prince. It was quite sad all the way through really, not many 'happy' moments. But then, there wasn't in the book either. Although the film was good, the books have so much more in them, you can't really appreciate the full story by just watching the film.

Monday, 13 July 2009

It is not enough for a gardener to love flowers;

He must also hate weeds

I had the afternoon off today so went down the allotment to do some weeding - it's beginning to turn into abit of a jungle down there. I started off in the cabbage and brocolli patches, as they were the most needy of a de-weed. The weeds were coming out really easily and I was on abit of a roll, so I moved onto the parsnips, broad beans and onions.

The carrots are coming up in neat rows, last year's werent very successful as they were all 'got' by carrot root fly. I read up abit on prevention, and basically you need to firm down the soil after thinning out, and then water well. It was the middle of the afternoon so I was aprehensive to water due to the sun scorching risk, but I figured it was the lesser of two evils.

Back at home, I've taken some of the outer leaves off our lettuce as a prevention measure against bolting (which some of them are starting to do). The theory is that it tricks them into thinking they haven't reached maturity and so prevents them bolting.

All-in-all a productive afternoon. Here's afew pictures from today:

Thursday, 9 July 2009

19 weeks

Bump circumference 87cm yesterday (grown 1.5cm in a week - and it shows). Have gained nearly 2kg now. If I lie on my back, instead of my lovely flat tummy I have a hard bump, but it's lovely to know it's the baby in there. Still havent felt any movements for certain yet, although I have felt a heavy/tight 'mass' a couple of times.

I went swimming for the first time at Oaklands pool yesterday, in my new maternity swimwear. I did 50 lengths in 45 minutes. The lunchtime swim at the pool was really quiet, only myself and one other person in the medium lane, so it was really relaxing. When I was a member at the uni swimming pool I never found a quiet time to go, I tried early morning, daytime and evening with no joy, and so never particularly found it relaxing between overtaking slowbies and holding up the faster people.

Luke and I really enjoyed our trip to Halesowen last weekend. Luke did really well in his first half-marathon on Saturday morning (see his blog for a review). Saturday afternoon I went to the service of Claire's Mum's wedding, she looked really beautiful, and it was nice to catch up with some faces from the past from Hasbury. Saturday evening we dropped my Grandad back home and got to meet the new budgie - Murray. Then we played Settlers of Catan with Jo and Ste (and I won). Sunday morning we went to Zion, and it happened to be the celebration of their 30th year, we enjoyed the service there (as we always do). After lunch we had another quick game of Settlers before driving home listening to the Wimbledon final on 5 live.

Yesterday evening we watched Slumdog Millionaire with Sally, Rosie and Sarah. Thought it was really good, would like to watch it again.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

18 weeks today

Pretty swiss chard from the garden - good in stir frys

The letuce patch

18 weeks pregnant today. Bump circumference has grown a cm this week to 85.5cm. Havent put much weight on overall yet though (maybe 1kg?). Am pleased to say nausea and tiredness seem to have mostly disappeared now.

Yesterday Luke and I went to Wimbledon, we had centre court tickets from the public ballot. As there's a heatwave at the moment, it was nice that for most of the day we were in the shade, and as the sun crept round the new roof was moved to provide some cover for the spectators.
Noticed my feet started to swell up in the heat though (? a combination of heat and pregnancy).
On the way back, a kind man on the train offered me his seat from the other side of the carriage, think he must've spotted my bump. Funny though as being so fit and active usually I'd never have thought I'd be thankful for a seat on a train for a 20 minute train journey!

Popped down the allotment this morning. Picked our first courgettes of the season. Did abit of weeding, but I think the hot weather has helped to suppress them abit. It's very peaceful down there, just me and one other plot holder, who was taking a break in the shade under one of the big willow trees down there. The lettuce in the garden are all bolting unfortunately, may have to make a big batch of lettuce soup to use them up and freeze for the winter.

This afternoon I'm going to continue with the big tidy/clear out of our 2 spare rooms. We're turning the study into the nursery, and the spare bedroom will also have the desk and office stuff in it. I love clearing out - I take after my mum. It feels freeing to get rid of all our unwanted stuff that just takes up space. We'll try and put as much as possible on freecyle, in keeping with the reuse, recycle, reduce theory.