Monday, 27 July 2009

Dear Bump

Dear Bump

Even though you've only been around for less than 22 weeks, you've changed my life so much already. In the first few weeks, you were doing some serious growing work, enough to make me feel really tired, no - exhausted, and a little sick. I was feeling so rough I had to give up my running (things must've been bad!), but you're worth it :-)

We saw you for the first time when you were 12 weeks, and you were such a lively little bean! You were bouncing around all over the place, and wouldn't keep still for your measurements - you were a cheeky little monkey already. When you'd been around 12 weeks, Daddy and I had so much fun telling all our family and friends about you, and that you'd be here by christmas. Everyone was SO excited to hear about you!

Since having you around, you've made me go off some of my favourite foods and drinks, and made me crave chocolate and sweets (I think you must have a sweet tooth as I'm much more of a savoury person usually). And my tummy is growing all the time as you get bigger.

We're preparing your room for you, which will be lovely and bright in happy colours, and collecting all the little bits and pieces we'll need to look after you. I can't wait to meet you and look after all your needs, giving you lots of cuddles along the way - watching you as you grow bigger and stronger.

Just this week, Daddy felt you kick inside for the first time, and you did the biggest kick I've felt yet last Friday, enough to make me jump! I'm looking forward to feeling more of your movements as you grow, I wonder if I'll recognise your hiccups?

We don't know if you're pink or blue, so you'll stay our little yellow bump until we get to meet you in December, what a surprise you'll be!

Lots of love,