Sunday, 9 August 2009

Family catch up

Yesterday we went to Luke's parents' house in Surrey for the day. We had a fun day chatting to Ian, Helen, Tasha and Pip, and playing with little Poppy and Willow. In the morning we went for a walk into Walton on Thames and had a drink and piece of cake in Starbucks. We also put Pip's new tent up in the garden in preparation for the Strickland camping weekend next weekend. After lunch we chatted some more and I had a look through some photos of Luke as a baby (I've been wondering what our bean might look like..)

Willow, who must be about 4 months old now, recognises quite a few songs - like Row row row your boat and Baa baa black sheep. She really calmed down when we started singing them. Lots of pregnancy books suggest singing to your baby before it's born, so Luke and I have downloaded a pre-school praise album. Its got some old ones on from when I was growing up like Rise and Shine (Arky Arky).

Tasha gave us afew more baby bits, including lots of 0-3 month baby grows, they're so tiny! Last week I got a bargain off ebay - a Moses basket and stand for 99p! No one else bid so I got it for the starting bid. The seller was in Southampton so I didnt need to factor in petrol. It's in perfect condition and has been looked after well. We just need to get a couple of new mattresses now - one for the Moses basket and one for the cot.

This week I've been SO hungry all the time, and have developed a taste for McCoys crisps and Wispa choccy bars. I was going to the League of Friends shop at work most days so figured it would just be a lot cheaper if we bought some in advance and keep them in the cupboard. It's a test of willpower to limit myself to one per day though. Last weekend I had a fizzy drink, and next thing I knew my tummy was making jerky, rhythmic movements - the baby had hiccups! Luke and I both chuckled.

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