Saturday, 29 August 2009

26 weeks

This week baby Strickers has been very active, and doesn't appear to like me resting anything on my bump (tea/book/arms). I get a big kick if I do rest anything on there. Luke's been talking to the baby, and gets a welcome kick in return!

On Wednesday we went to Craig's birthday bbq. There was lots of yummy food, I started with crisps and dip (my fave), then 2 plates of general party food and burgers, then finished off with 2 slices of cheesecake. Unfortunately, I paid for it Wednesday night with a terrible nights sleep thanks to being full to busting, and forgetting I have slower digestion now I'm pregnant.

Luke's had a bad cold the last couple of days, and I've been trying really hard to avoid catching it too. I can't rely on my trusted Echinacea to fend off colds at the moment, so good hygiene is really being pushed. He's on the mend now I think.

This morning we went down to Ocean Village Marina for an advertised Free Bus Tour of the docks. There are 9 cruise ships in over the next 2 days. I don't think the organisers of the bus tour realised quite how popular it would be and when we arrived there (45 mins early) the queue was already much longer than the number who would fit on a double decker bus! By the time the bus actually arrived there must've been at least 300-400 in the queue! (And we discovered only one bus running). After the first bus left, we were about 30 people from the front of the queue so decided to wait the 90 mins and get on the next bus. An hour later, the organisers had done a deal with the local boat cruise, and we were offered a free boat tour of the docks instead (by far a better deal than being on the bus!). So we had a lovely tour of the docks, and saw the 5 cruise ships in at the time, from a much closer (and clearer) position than we would've got on the bus. It was worth the wait, and a nice surprise. We took lots of pictures. Here's afew...

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