Saturday, 29 August 2009

26 weeks

This week baby Strickers has been very active, and doesn't appear to like me resting anything on my bump (tea/book/arms). I get a big kick if I do rest anything on there. Luke's been talking to the baby, and gets a welcome kick in return!

On Wednesday we went to Craig's birthday bbq. There was lots of yummy food, I started with crisps and dip (my fave), then 2 plates of general party food and burgers, then finished off with 2 slices of cheesecake. Unfortunately, I paid for it Wednesday night with a terrible nights sleep thanks to being full to busting, and forgetting I have slower digestion now I'm pregnant.

Luke's had a bad cold the last couple of days, and I've been trying really hard to avoid catching it too. I can't rely on my trusted Echinacea to fend off colds at the moment, so good hygiene is really being pushed. He's on the mend now I think.

This morning we went down to Ocean Village Marina for an advertised Free Bus Tour of the docks. There are 9 cruise ships in over the next 2 days. I don't think the organisers of the bus tour realised quite how popular it would be and when we arrived there (45 mins early) the queue was already much longer than the number who would fit on a double decker bus! By the time the bus actually arrived there must've been at least 300-400 in the queue! (And we discovered only one bus running). After the first bus left, we were about 30 people from the front of the queue so decided to wait the 90 mins and get on the next bus. An hour later, the organisers had done a deal with the local boat cruise, and we were offered a free boat tour of the docks instead (by far a better deal than being on the bus!). So we had a lovely tour of the docks, and saw the 5 cruise ships in at the time, from a much closer (and clearer) position than we would've got on the bus. It was worth the wait, and a nice surprise. We took lots of pictures. Here's afew...

Monday, 24 August 2009

Uni friends meet-up

On Saturday, bump and I took the train to London (£10 return special offer) to meet-up with my uni friends. I can't believe they graduated 5 years ago, time flies! (I graduated 4 - mine was a 4 year course). We had a lovely lunch in Covent Garden and did abit of shopping. It was good to catch up with everyone's news - Krust is back from completing her Masters in Oz, Joey's off on a safari this week with her family, Kelly's settled in her job but considering moving back to Essex at some point, Vix is doing well in her job. Unfortunately Helen and Gemma couldn't make it. It was like old times and we all had loads to talk about, it had been nearly 2 years since we last all met up. Hopefully, we wont leave it as long before the next meet-up!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Strickland Camping weekend

Mountain biking Kite flying

Last weekend was the annual Strickland camping weekend. Unfortunately Luke and I couldnt get any time off work, so I wasnt looking forward to the long drive up to North Wales from Southampton on Friday evening. But as it happened, the roads were clear all the way and we made it in 3 hours and 40 mins, with a 10minute stop at Frankley services. It was a real blessing that the roads were pretty much traffic-free.

We arrived at the campsite and had sent our tent on ahead with Luke's folks last weekend as we werent sure how long the drive was going to take us, so it was lovely to not have to be putting the tent up at 9:30pm at night. After a quick chat to everyone we got an early night as it had been a really long day! I used my campbed again (I bought it for Taize), which coupled with my pregnancy V pillow underneath it for extra support, is surprisingly comfortable.

Saturday morning Luke, Alex, Mash, Jas and Pip went off to the local mountain biking trails, I was abit jealous watching them go, but had a lovely morning talking babies with Tasha and Helen and reading my murder mystery book: Choc Chip Cookie Murder, by Joanna Fluke.

In the afternoon we went into Llangollen for some supplies for the bbq and had an icecream. The weather was warm most of the time but overcast. Just as the bbq was lit it started to pour with rain, but we were prepared and had put the gazebo up, which was great for cooking under.

Saturday evening we played Settlers of Catan, our favourite game. I won! (I have kind of stopped trying, as I have quite a good win record at the moment and am starting to feel guilty about it). It occurred to me that no one ever loses graciously at Settlers of Catan - there's no 'Well done, well played', its more of a grumble, and a 'I was only one move away from winning' etc type comment.

Sunday morning was freezing! After packing the tents up and having lunch we started our drive back. About half an hour into the drive the sun came out and it warmed up, so I think we must have been on the edge of a weather front. We stopped by Nine Acres for tea and cake and got back home about 6pm, in time to watch the 100m sprint final at the World Championships! Tash and Patrick's Teepee

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Family catch up

Yesterday we went to Luke's parents' house in Surrey for the day. We had a fun day chatting to Ian, Helen, Tasha and Pip, and playing with little Poppy and Willow. In the morning we went for a walk into Walton on Thames and had a drink and piece of cake in Starbucks. We also put Pip's new tent up in the garden in preparation for the Strickland camping weekend next weekend. After lunch we chatted some more and I had a look through some photos of Luke as a baby (I've been wondering what our bean might look like..)

Willow, who must be about 4 months old now, recognises quite a few songs - like Row row row your boat and Baa baa black sheep. She really calmed down when we started singing them. Lots of pregnancy books suggest singing to your baby before it's born, so Luke and I have downloaded a pre-school praise album. Its got some old ones on from when I was growing up like Rise and Shine (Arky Arky).

Tasha gave us afew more baby bits, including lots of 0-3 month baby grows, they're so tiny! Last week I got a bargain off ebay - a Moses basket and stand for 99p! No one else bid so I got it for the starting bid. The seller was in Southampton so I didnt need to factor in petrol. It's in perfect condition and has been looked after well. We just need to get a couple of new mattresses now - one for the Moses basket and one for the cot.

This week I've been SO hungry all the time, and have developed a taste for McCoys crisps and Wispa choccy bars. I was going to the League of Friends shop at work most days so figured it would just be a lot cheaper if we bought some in advance and keep them in the cupboard. It's a test of willpower to limit myself to one per day though. Last weekend I had a fizzy drink, and next thing I knew my tummy was making jerky, rhythmic movements - the baby had hiccups! Luke and I both chuckled.