Monday, 6 October 2008

I never knew study could be so much fun!

I had 16 hours of lectures this weekend... and loved every minute of it! (Except maybe the last 5 minutes on sunday when my brain cells had kind of turned to mush after having such a good workout.)

I drove to Coventry early saturday morning, for the start of my sports nutrition course. It was a really full weekend, with general uni induction stuff and a range of introductory 'refresher' lectures on metabolism. I must've enjoyed it, because even 4 hours straight on energy metabolism fascinated me all the way through!

The next steps are to complete an online anti-doping course, to become a registered anti-doping adviser (pretty cool..) and to do 130 hours of self study over the next 2 months (ouch!, I made the right decision going part-time). There's a number of special discussion forums online designed to keep us on track whilst we're away from uni.

Dietetics is a small world, I discovered I knew at least 3 people on the course of 24 through a mutual friend/colleague/university.

Who knows where this will lead, but I'm just enjoying it for what it is at the moment!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Kate enters the Land of Blog...

So, I was reading Luke's blog, which I must admit I don't often do (secondary to facebook distractions) and thought I quite fancied starting up my own blog. That way, readers not only get the Musings from the Potting shed, but also the Ponderings from the Kitchen. Luke has yet to find out my intentions, I wonder if he'll approve of my blog title...

Today's my last day at home to do some final pre-reading cramming before my Sports Nutrition post-grad course starts this weekend. I'm feeling fairly confident that I have a good enough basic knowledge to get by, although until I get there it's difficult to know how much basic knowledge they're expecting us to have! I've spent the last couple of days revising the Krebs Cycle, something which I barely understood the first time round at uni, I'm not sure if I'll still be able to wing it at post-grad level though!

Today I did my third run since my appendicitis episode in August. The doctors told me I had to have 6 weeks off from training post-surgery. I'm aching today. Shows how quickly fitness levels can drop! At the beginning of the year I linked my Nike plus trainers upto my iPod, measuring speed and distance run - it's a genius idea and really does get you out the house when it's pouring with rain and the sofa seems so much more appealing. Anyway, yesterday I went for my second run post-surgery and when I got back I sat down in front of my laptop with a cup of tea and uploaded the stats of my run to track my progress. Only to find my latest run wasn't there. My iPod had reset itself to January 2000, and, as I later discovered, Nike plus was established in 2003. All that hard work for nothing!