Monday, 6 October 2008

I never knew study could be so much fun!

I had 16 hours of lectures this weekend... and loved every minute of it! (Except maybe the last 5 minutes on sunday when my brain cells had kind of turned to mush after having such a good workout.)

I drove to Coventry early saturday morning, for the start of my sports nutrition course. It was a really full weekend, with general uni induction stuff and a range of introductory 'refresher' lectures on metabolism. I must've enjoyed it, because even 4 hours straight on energy metabolism fascinated me all the way through!

The next steps are to complete an online anti-doping course, to become a registered anti-doping adviser (pretty cool..) and to do 130 hours of self study over the next 2 months (ouch!, I made the right decision going part-time). There's a number of special discussion forums online designed to keep us on track whilst we're away from uni.

Dietetics is a small world, I discovered I knew at least 3 people on the course of 24 through a mutual friend/colleague/university.

Who knows where this will lead, but I'm just enjoying it for what it is at the moment!

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Luke Strickland said...

I'm proud to be married to a geek!