Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Julia Donaldson exhibition

Woke up this morning with nothing in the diary, so to avoid a very long day at home, I made a last minute decision to take the kids into Birmingham. The fact that I wanted to visit the Rag Market may have helped sway the decision too! 

It's been a lovely day, we also got to have lunch with Daddy, and see his office which was a bonus for the kids. Eden especially liked waving to him at hisoffice window   from Victoria Square.

The exhibition itself was perhaps a little pricey to get in, but worth every penny if you have toddlers (free) and preschoolers . There's loads of activities geared at preschoolers, and the whole exhibition is very interactive and fun. We spent nearly 3 hours there (just in the exhibition, we didn't go to the rest if the museum today), and if it hadn't been planned so last minute and I'd been more prepared I think we would've stayed longer. Eden loved the 'Squash and a squeeze' house, and Asher liked all the colourful displays, and the boulders to build with from cave babies. 

Here's just a few of the many photos I took today: 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Petal Perfume

Eden loves the 'Princess Poppy' book series at the moment, and over the last few weeks she's been playing at making petal perfume (a reference from one of the books). So I thought she'd love it if we made our own petal perfume, using flowers from the garden and a kettle of very hot water. 
First we picked our petals:

We collected them in a jar:

When we had nearly a full jar, I poured some hot water in, and we stirred it, and left for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally

Then we used a sieve to strain off the petals, leaving the fragranced water in a clean jar below

Having a smell afterwards

We decorated the jar to finish

Then Eden very sweetly said she wanted it to be a present for Daddy