Thursday, 3 November 2011

Pumpkin Seed Play: Lightbox and Owls

Earlier in the week we carved a HUGE pumpkin. I kept all the 'innards', making various recipes with the pumpkin flesh, and drying out the seeds for Eden and I to play with and to use for craft.

Today we did some mixing and pouring of the pumpkin seeds on top of the lightbox:

Then we made a Pumpkin Seed Owl. I drew the outline of an owl on some card and cut it out, and left the rest to Eden (with a bit of guidance from me)... she was as delighted as usual to be let loose on the glue!

Eden then wanted to listen to our 'Owl Babies' CD, and dance around the living room with blankets as capes or 'wings' pretending to be Mummy Owl and Baby Owl. Of course I joined in the merry fun, cape and all, although it's probably for the best I didn't take a photo....!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Quick Christmas Craft this evening...

After sewing fatigue from making Eden's Advent Calendar Bunting a few weeks ago, I got the sewing machine out for the first time this evening to make this Christmas Tree decoration for her. Every year we buy her a special decoration for the tree (actually she has a few each year as friends very kindly have given one to her one in previous years too). This is her third Christmas, and so I thought I'd make my own for her this year. I'm pleased with the results - it's a little big, but better too big than too small for a sewing novice like me :)

Today I also ordered the materials for my next Christmas Project....