Sunday, 9 June 2013

gNappies' gTea

I'm a huge fan of gNappies! Regular readers will know that we've cloth nappied both our children full-time right from the newborn stage - there are so many benefits to cloth nappies, and modern cloth nappies are so misunderstood, which makes me sad, but that's a whole other blog post...

For over a year now, Asher has been in gNappies full-time, I love them so much I sold 99% of the rest of my stash (only keeping newborn, prefolds, and 4 pretty fitteds that I can't bring myself to part with (yet) despite Asher never wearing them! 

gNappies are super-cool and stylish. They're slim and will fit under normal trousers, unlike other cloth nappies which tend to be bulky. I LOVE that they're breathable and I notice such a difference in Asher's skin - the rare times he may get nappy rash (teething related) it clears up within 24 hours with no treatment required other than keeping it clean with plain water, and regular nappy changes. gNappies have a waistband that looks so comfy around little tummies, and an added bonus is that they do up at the back - so this is great as toddlers can't undo their nappy (!!) and also, young babies first learning to sit have nothing digging in around their middle. gNappies are a hybrid nappy - you can buy cloth inserts to wash, or gRefills that are disposable, and compostable if you have a home composter. These are just a few of my favourite reasons for using gNappies. 

Anyway... last Friday we attended a special 'gTea' event - organised by gNappies. It was a chance to chat with other like-minded gMums and gDads, for the little ones to have some fun outside and an excuse for a picnic! My daughter Eden loved the gCakes that had been specially made! 


gNappies were filming footage for their first UK video, so all the gBabies got a chance to star as they took their turn on the catwalk. 

Asher in his gNappies outfit, loving running around barefoot!
I was chuffed to win a gKanteen in the raffle - these aren't available in the UK, but much saught after (thanks gNappies - I love it). There were also some previously released gPant prints available to buy from the past, brought out from the vault :)

It was supposedly meant to be the hottest day of the year so far with lots of sunshine... well being British weather - it rained most of the time!! Fortunately we stayed dry setting up the picnic blankets under the trees, and the damp weather didn't dampen our spirits. 

It was such a fun day and so lovely to meet and chat to other gMums and gDads.
Eden and Asher playing bubbles together
And finally... if you're interested in using cloth nappies - please give gNappies a try - we've tried most other brands of cloth nappies in the 3.5 years we've been cloth nappying, and gNappies win hands down!

(This isn't a sponsored post - all the views expressed are my own, and written purely because I genuinely love gNappies!)