Wednesday, 1 July 2009

18 weeks today

Pretty swiss chard from the garden - good in stir frys

The letuce patch

18 weeks pregnant today. Bump circumference has grown a cm this week to 85.5cm. Havent put much weight on overall yet though (maybe 1kg?). Am pleased to say nausea and tiredness seem to have mostly disappeared now.

Yesterday Luke and I went to Wimbledon, we had centre court tickets from the public ballot. As there's a heatwave at the moment, it was nice that for most of the day we were in the shade, and as the sun crept round the new roof was moved to provide some cover for the spectators.
Noticed my feet started to swell up in the heat though (? a combination of heat and pregnancy).
On the way back, a kind man on the train offered me his seat from the other side of the carriage, think he must've spotted my bump. Funny though as being so fit and active usually I'd never have thought I'd be thankful for a seat on a train for a 20 minute train journey!

Popped down the allotment this morning. Picked our first courgettes of the season. Did abit of weeding, but I think the hot weather has helped to suppress them abit. It's very peaceful down there, just me and one other plot holder, who was taking a break in the shade under one of the big willow trees down there. The lettuce in the garden are all bolting unfortunately, may have to make a big batch of lettuce soup to use them up and freeze for the winter.

This afternoon I'm going to continue with the big tidy/clear out of our 2 spare rooms. We're turning the study into the nursery, and the spare bedroom will also have the desk and office stuff in it. I love clearing out - I take after my mum. It feels freeing to get rid of all our unwanted stuff that just takes up space. We'll try and put as much as possible on freecyle, in keeping with the reuse, recycle, reduce theory.

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