Tuesday, 9 June 2009

14 weeks

14 weeks preggers and people are starting to notice my little bump (although it is very little at the moment). On Saturday it was great to catch up with Tasha and Patrick, Poppy and baby Willow, who's 9 weeks old. Babies dont seem to do much at 9 weeks other than sleep, poo and feed. She was lovely, and Poppy is growing up so quickly, she was 6 days old at our wedding in 2006! Tasha has given me all her maternity clothes - fantastic. Regular clothes (especially my work ones) are feeling tight now, but I'm not yet ready to move into maternity.

I've been doing quite alot of research into pushchairs. It's the one item that we want to get right - as we'll be using it everyday and it needs to meet our needs. From my research there's only one on the market that ticks all our boxes for requirements. On Sunday I found an absolute bargain on ebay. The exact pushchair that we want, 4 months old, with a 3 1/2 year warranty still, located just down the road in Portsmouth. Best bit is that we got it for less than half price the new value! Well worth it, even though its early days - but if needs be I reckon I'll be able to sell it on at a profit.

Luke's older siblings have offered us a lot of their baby bits and pieces, so we shouldnt need to buy too much. I have a book called 'How to have a baby on ebay'. You can make big savings. I bought a fetal heart rate monitor on there, and have found the baby's heart beat, which is twice as fast as my own, and sounds like a galloping horse. I have a listen every evening to check baby's ok.

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