Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mamatography: Week 6

Don't know what happened last week but I didn't get around to posting up my weekly photos so I have two week's worth to do today, although there are some gaps where I just didn't take a picture that day - rest assured the intention is always there...
30/1/12 Balloon Fun

1/2/12: Rockin' on her 'stage'

4/2/12: A snowy drive out this afternoon

5/2/12: Test-run of our birth pool (stored in the loft since Eden was born so we weren't sure what condition it would be in)

6/2/12: This fairy loves playing with cardboard tubes and milk bottle tops!

7/2/12: Trying on Mummy's boots

8/2/12 Small world play: This is Eden's traffic jam!

9/2/12 Smily happy close-up
10/2/12: I had the most amazing surprise today: a completely unexpected surprise Baby Shower was organised for me!

11/2/12: Bump and I after the wedding of some friends today
Mamatography is hosted by Diary of a First Child. Check out more blogs taking part this week here.


The Princess Poet said...

gorgeous! Eden's a lovely name! seems like you all had a great week!

melissa said...

The balloon fun photo is fantastic - gave me a smile! How exciting to see the birth tub ready to go. Congratulations in advance on your birth. How exciting! :)

Luschka said...

I love your photos! It's surreal to see someone in such a similar stage of both motherhood and pregnancy! Eden's just lovely. I love that exploratory stage...

Oh, and PERFECTLY round face on that snow man! They say people who can make perfect circles are geniuses or crazy... I'll leave it there ;)

Christine Powell said...

I love the one of her jamming on the stage, and that's a gorgeous bump you have :)

Kat said...

Lovely photos! I'm jealous of your birth pool! So exciting!! You look beautiful!

Actually Mummy said...

thanks for visiting my blog. for some reason I can't see your photos, but I'll keep trying :)

KLynn Miller said...

Really beautiful shots; I especially like the balloon picture - too cute. How nice to have a surprise baby shower and such a cute cake to boot. Good luck and an early congratulations for the soon to be new addition to your family.