Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Pizza Express workshop

This morning Eden took part in a visit to Pizza Express with some other home ed families, to make her own pizza. She learnt some useful skills such as correct rolling technique and how to prepare her pizza dough base. She listened and followed instructions really well. She also showed a lot of self control (I must admit more than me!) because she didn't want to tuck into it until she'd shown Asher, grandma and grandad and do 'a big reveal' of her pizza for them. She waited so patiently for them to get home, even when I suggested we just have one slice each while we waited (naughty mummy, but I was so hungry! Eden made me wait though). 

It was a good morning, this is the second time we've done this workshop. It was a smaller group of kids today, only 8-10 instead of 30, and the small group worked much better as the staff had more time to help the kids individually.

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