Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Had a productive day so far today, despite suspected food poisoning during the night (think it was last night's curry takeaway)! Luke and I went for a gentle run first thing this morning, and I've finished 2 pieces of coursework for my sports nutrition course (it feels SO good to have them out the way, only one more to go... for the moment).

Last Sunday we raced a 10k in Nottingham. My aim this year was to run under 45 minutes, I didnt do that unfortunately, but I think I was a little too optimistic. My official time for this race was 53 minutes, but I go by my Nike Plus, which measured the distance to be 10.67km, giving me a 10k time of just under 50 minutes - a PB!

I've been brain training on our new Nintendo DS this week. My brain age started off in it's 70s (shock) but quickly went down to 40s (still not good) and at the moment is 24 (2 years younger than me - much better).

Luke and I have really enjoyed christmas with the family this year. We had some nice meals together, played lots of game, went for walks and generally had lots of quality time together, it was great!

Happy New Year!

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