Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Running

I had all these grand plans of running most days over the Christmas period. Well that kind of hasn't happened, but I'm feeling ok about it, because I've still run every few days, and think I've got the balance right between going out for a run and making the most of family time. Maybe getting up a bit earlier might've helped though!

Today I did a quick 30 minute loop, run at my fastest pace yet, chuffed about that. I deliberately made it a speed session as with marathon training I've found a lot of my runs I'm working on length, and therefore running at marathon pace or slower. I don't know much about training but figured some shorter, quicker sessions are probably beneficial too.

Finding always having my complete running kit made up and ready to put on straight away really helps motivation, as does the thought of a peanut butter and banana recovery smoothie, yum!

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