Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fairy Butterfly House

Eden's favourite things this summer are fairies and butterflies. Last year we bought 4 butterfly houses in the sale, 3 of them were painted with butterflies and given as Christmas presents to cousins. The forth one was put away in the workshop last winter, and we kind of forgot about it. This week Eden remembered and asked if we could make it into a fairy house. 

First I created some fairy stencils, using a Stanley knife. 

Then we taped them to the Butterfly house and used our easy painters (like Bingo Dobbers) to paint, using a 'dotting' motion particularly around the edges, as my stencils were just made from ordinary printer paper so weren't the most robust, but did the job! 

Eden was able to have a go too after I'd shown her how to 'dot' rather than brush.
Next we looked up some fairy phrases and Eden 'wrote' some of her own fairy messages on the back.

It needs a layer of varnish to make the colours pop, and Eden then wants to keep it in her room to house her fairies. Next year we'll hang it in the garden for the butterflies to enjoy.

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