Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Apley Farm in Shropshire

Yesterday we made the most of the bank holiday sunny weather and visited Apley Farm Nature Trail and Animal Park. We haven't been there before, as it's a 40 minute drive away, but I'm sure we'll visit again as we had a lovely family day there.

We started our visit by following the Skylark Nature Trail, a lovely little self-guided walk, about a mile long, around local fields and woods. It definitely lived up to it's name - we could hear Skylarks all the way around (confirming this later by looking up the Skylark sound on our British Bird app). There are information boards along the route, and Eden enjoyed looking out for the white arrows guiding our direction. She was very proud to spot a butterfly hiding amongst the leaves. We took a photo of it to look up later, it was white with green lines on it's under-wings. Later we found out this was called a green veined white butterfly.

After the nature trail and a picnic lunch, we headed over to the animal park. There are many interesting animals to look at, and a petting area with rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. I loved seeing so many babies around the farm! Asher particularly was very excited spotting all the animals, and he made us laugh with his rather entertaining goose impression!

The highlight was a donkey ride for the kids - a first for both of them. It was lovely seeing how much they both enjoyed it, Asher again was very entertaining with his horse impressions and attempts at speeding the donkey up by bouncing up and down on the saddle - I think he'll be a natural!

Entry into the animal park is very reasonably priced, and there is a free entry family day coming up on 8th June 2014 if you're interested in visiting.

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