Tuesday, 1 July 2014

#100homeeddays Nature Walks, Sand and water play

Day 34:
I'm loving the weather at the moment and all the outdoor-time we're having. Everyday I'm so grateful to have fields and woodland right on our doorstep to explore. We love discovering new things on our 'nature walks', every one of them is different and enjoyable in their own way, like today there was much excitement finding (and eating) raspberries growing in the wild! Today we also learnt about oak trees and a new flower, the poppy (picked from our allotment plot).

Day 35:
I don't plan our days at home I just see where the day takes us depending on our interests on that day. I don't think this will change in September when we 'officially' (in the eyes of the law) begin home ed. We don't plan to follow any set curriculum, although Charlotte Mason's principles on education will be followed to some extent I think. Today turned into a sand and water play day. We did mark making in dry sand, manipulative skills in wet sand, used creativity making art with sand and glue. We covered science: floating and sinking, reflection, filling and pouring skills with water play. Kids are learning all the time and they learn best when they're interested. I love that home ed will enable us to follow their interests.

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