Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Great Outdoors Week 6: 4:45

We've had some memorable moments outside this week. It's only been getting a couple of degrees above freezing (Eden's latest thing is to ask me the temperature everytime we get in the car) but we've had lots of sunshine. 

Monday morning we blew away the cobwebs and embraced a new week with a trip to the park with Viking in tow. He was very glad it was free-run day! 
On Tuesday we took the scooters to Mary Stevens Park in Stourbridge. This is one of our favourite parks as there's so much to do, we spent nearly 2 hours there before feeling it was time to go home to warm up! 
Thursday we took Viking up Walton Hills, it was sooooo icy! I loved the observations that nearly-3y.o Asher was coming out with about the effects that the ice has had on the usually squelchy mud. We spent longer out than I'd planned as we were having so much fun with the ice! 
Today's been much warmer, almost spring-like. We had lunch in the garden and a lovely family walk over the local fields, discovering a cow, calf and bull in one of the lower fields 

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