Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Watching caterpillars turn to butterflies.

Last September we picked some caterpillars from the garden. 
We kept them in our butterfly garden, bought from a couple of years ago. 
We fed them fresh nasturtiums everyday. 
8 days later we had our first chrysalis, we were so excited!
All winter we've waited patiently. 
I read up on 'over-wintering'. 
We kept the cage high up in our dining room, occasionally bringing it down and giving the netting a poke, watching the chrysalis do a teeny tiny wiggle, thus confirming it was still alive in there.
A couple of weeks ago a butterfly emerged! We fed it some sugar water from a plate before releasing it. 
But we still had our first chrysalis. 
We've waited some more. Just yesterday I wondered about moving the cage outside into the fresh air, but hadn't quite got around to it.
Then this morning, we spotted the butterfly emerging slowly out of that first chrysalis. We watched it wiggle out, wings curled up, slowly unfurling them, sitting there drying its wings before taking its first flaps. 
It was fascinating! 
And the most amazing of all - we worked out it had been in chrysalis form for a massive 259 days! Awesome!!

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