Wednesday, 16 September 2009

29 weeks

Well time is flying! So far I've put on 10kg. I'm now receiving daily comments that my bump is getting bigger, I have to say I don't get bored of hearing it though - it is. My belly button innie is nearly an outie. This morning I had my first kick in the ribs, twice, from the baby. He or she is wriggling around alot more, and it's quite comical watching my whole belly move as a result, particularly when I'm sitting still. I've also felt some body parts when the baby comes near to the surface - is that a head or a bottom? A hand or a foot? Most nights I find it hard to get comfortable, and then have to get up for nature calls at least 2 or 3 times in the night, I think the record is 5, so all in all not sleeping well. But I'm having nice dreams so I think that's a good sign that subconsciously I'm feeling good about the pregnancy and life in general at the moment. Last week I bought a book called 'Bonding with your bump' by Miriam Stoppard. It talks quite a lot about how beginning the bonding process before the baby is born can really help calm a newborn baby.

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