Monday, 21 December 2009

3 weeks old!

Our little girl is 3 weeks old today! Everyday she changes and develops a little. This week she's looking like her Daddy, and is more alert - she studies our faces, turns her head to sound and even seems aware that Flo's nearby. So far Eden's been sleeping pretty well for a newborn - she nods off properly at about midnight, and will wake for a feed at 3:30ish, although has slept through until 6 a couple of times. She's definately had a growth spurt this week too - and is already too long for some of her sleepsuits!

The 3 of us had fun yesterday doing festive things. There was no church in the morning, so we took the rare opportunity to have a 'lie-in' until after 9am (that's late for us) and then took a nice drive around dropping off christmas cards. We walked upto the shops in the sunshine and treated ourselves to a cooked breakfast for lunch and a read of the Sunday papers in the sainsburys cafe. Yesterday evening was the christingle service at church - Eden was awake for half of it and then slept the other half.

We're looking forward to spending our first family christmas together as a 3, later this week...

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