Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas Festivities

Happy christmas!!
Christmas has been very different for us this year! I love our usual 'big' family christmasses (as Luke and I are both from big families, christmas tends to be the annual 'get-together'). However, this year, with little Eden only 3 and a half weeks old, we thought it would be best if we didn't travel, especially on christmas day, so it was just the 3 of us christmas morning.

On christmas day, after unintentionally waking up late, we managed to be dressed and ready to go to church within an hour or so, and I'm really glad we made the effort. There were only about 8 of us there, but we all picked carols to sing, and Gerri had prepared some thoughts on the visit of the Magi to baby Jesus. Eden was very good throughout, she loves the singing at church and always quietens down and listens intently.

After a quick feed at home, we walked down the road to Paul and Katty's for christmas dinner. As well as the 'traditional' turkey and trimmings, Katty had prepared a Peruvian traditional christmas rice, made with olives and the special ingredient of a little coca cola, eaten with peaches. We had so much to eat for the first course that it was a couple of hours before we could face christmas pudding, and we didn't even get around to cheese and biscuits!

By Christmas day evening the combination of Eden's unsettled night, and a big meal caught up with me, and I was asleep soon after 9pm (missing most of the Royle family christmas special).

On boxing day we decided to go for a walk round the Common. Last year we'd been visiting my family and had a trip to Droitwich and a family pub lunch on boxing day.

Yesterday we drove up to Reading to see Luke's side of the family, as we'd missed them on christmas day. Luke's aunt was hosting a lunch, and there was lots of extended family there. Eden got to meet her cousins Oscar, Erik, Poppy and Willow. Jasmin, Pip and Imogen couldn't make it unfortunately.

This evening we've had the cheese and biscuits that we couldn't manage on christmas day with Paul and Katty and Simon, coupled with mulled wine.

So christmas has been really different for us, alot quieter than usual, but it's been a lovely experience sharing the festivities with our new baby girl, and not only seeing family, but also having friends play more of a part in our celebrations this year.

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