Thursday, 13 October 2011

DIY Lightbox

As the nights draw in, this is a fun activity to do in the dark! I've been meaning to make Eden a lightbox for a while now, I just couldn't figure out how I'd do it. Lightboxes can be really expensive to buy, and I've seen them for sale at £80-£100. The lightbox I've made for Eden cost just £3.50 - bargain fun! Today we experimented with various objects I found in Eden's bedroom, but I've got lots of plans for explorative play with it, particularly over these forthcoming dark winter months where more time is spent indoors.

Setting up the lightbox: plastic shoebox and battery-powered LED light

Testing out various objects

"I wonder if I glow too?"

Plastic milk bottle tops
Check out more play ideas here:


Vicky said...

I have been wondering how to make a cheap light box. Great idea and the kids look like they had so much fun! I am now following you on Twitter. Vicky from

katepickle said...

What a great way to celebrate the lessening of the light when winter begins!

Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

This is great, we have been wanting to try to make our own - and how easy! Thanks