Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tried and Tested: Vital Baby Unbelievabowl

Over the last few weeks we’ve been trialling the Vital Baby Unbelievabowl. It’s a child suction bowl, and I was keen to test out its suction power having tried a few previously with Eden with little success.

The Unbelievabowl is available in fun and bright colours that are appealing to the eye. To Eden’s delight we were sent the bright pink bowl! It is BPA free and latex free, and spare bowls are available to interchange with the suction pad.  The bowl has high sides and I've found this works great in assisting Eden’s progress in using cutlery, as she’s able to use the sides as an aid to scoop food up onto her spoon and fork.

The bowl itself twists and clicks into place onto the suction pad. It definitely requires an adult to do this and so tampering little fingers won’t get very far in attempting to untwist it.

As for the suction, I tested out the Unbelievabowl on a few different surfaces and was genuinely surprised at its suction power. It works really well on smooth plastic surfaces such as high chairs, and it’s important to make sure the surface is clean, dry and grease-free to aid sticking power.  I also tested it on our wooden dining table – it did have suction, but quickly unstuck from the surface, in all fairness I don’t think any suction bowl would stick well to wooden surfaces, I’m yet to find one. It’s more suited to highchair surfaces, but is therefore perfect for the early stages of weaning – a particularly messy time when anything that cuts down on spillages is a parent’s new best friend.   

The Unbelievabowl retails at £4.99, which is I think is reasonable value for a suction bowl that works and makes life easier for us parents at mealtimes. Additional bowls for the suction pad are sold in sets of 2 for £3.99. The Unbelievabowl is available to buy from the Vital Baby website as well as being stocked in Boots, John Lewis, Mothercare and Toys R Us. 

Vital Baby products are bright and fun and thoughtfully designed. For more information and to view their varied selection of products visit their website, or follow them on Facebook by clicking here.

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