Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Footprints on Canvas

Our little man, Asher is 4 weeks old today! I marked the occasion by printing his footprints, as well as Eden's, onto canvas.

Once we'd finished the canvas, Eden did some 'footprints' herself:

And here's a photo of Asher today, on his 4-week birthday

The last 4 weeks we've been settling down as a family of 4. Eden has done brilliantly adjusting to have Asher here; she's so kind and gentle with him, and so inclusive of him in activities and when we go out. An unexpected surprise is what an easy baby Asher is - he settles by himself well and is a very peaceful and contented little baby. I don't think we particularly had a hard time with Eden, but she was colicky and on reflection a more demanding baby. As we didn't know any different we were expecting Asher to be the same. 

Looking forward to the months ahead! 

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