Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mamatography: Week 11

12/3 Big Sis and Little Bro!

13/3 Playing together

14/3 First bath - loving it!

15/3 Eden coming home from preschool with the robot she'd made - I was so proud!

17/3 So satisfying having cloth nappies on the line drying!

18/3 Mother's Day with my 2 babies

18/3 A little bit in love with my new sling!

That's all for this week. Mamatography is hosted by Diary of a First Child. Check out other Mamatography blog posts here


Lisa said...

Congratulations again on the little guy! Your children are adorable!! Eden looks like she is enjoying having a little brother! Her robot looks really neat.

Christine Powell said...

Oh man, your little man in the bath is too sweet, absolute bliss. Gorgeous pics :)

Actually Mummy said...

That is the perfect baby bath, isn't it? We had the same one and it made life so much easier - especially when there's a toddler in the bath too - congrats

The Princess Poet said...

omg congratulations! he is a cutie! I am an easyfits fan too!x

melissa said...

Oh, life with a newborn is so sweet! You're positively glowing in the picture with your two, and I love the glimpses into new sibling bonding. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us!