Saturday, 10 March 2012

How driving safely can reduce your car insurance

How to reduce risk when driving, thereby minimising chances of collisions, insurance claims & points, and keeping your insurance costs down: A guest post by Sainsbury's Finance

  Reduce your car insurance premium by driving safely

Driving safely saves you money. Not only will it reduce the chances of being involved in a collision – potentially saving the no claim discount on your car insurance and keeping your premium down – it could also reduce the wear and tear on your car. 

Novice drivers
New drivers in particular can benefit from building up a no claim discount, as they generally pay the highest prices for their premiums. Completing a further training scheme like Pass Plus can boost their skill levels and might also bring down the cost of their car insurance policy.

Speed kills
RoSPA research suggests that inappropriate speed accounts for a quarter of all fatal road traffic collisions. By going easy on the accelerator, you reduce the chances of being involved in an accident. And remember that your safety record feeds into the calculations of risk that determine your insurance premium. 
Driving slower is also more fuel efficient, saving you money at the pump, too.
Remember that the speed limit is not a target. Always drive at a speed appropriate for the conditions and slow down if you need to.

Anything that distracts you from the road ahead can cause an accident. Don’t eat and drink behind the wheel, and remember that using a handheld mobile phone while driving is both dangerous and illegal. 
There are more subtle distractions to be aware of, too. For young drivers, too many passengers can be a big distraction. Similarly for adults, the demands of small children can be an issue, particularly if driving without another adult or older child to look after little ones. 
If you are unsure where you are going, make sure that you stop in a safe place before attempting to read the map. Better still, a sat nav can take the stress out of driving in unfamiliar areas – but don’t fiddle with it while at the wheel. 

Do make sure that you keep your car well maintained. As soon as you become aware of a fault, get it fixed. Regular servicing helps to pinpoint problem areas before they affect the safety and performance of the vehicle. Early repairs can help to prevent bigger bills later. A safer vehicle is less likely to be involved in an accident – keeping you and your car in one piece and saving on your insurance premium.

Only drive when necessary. Some insurers offer special deals for low annual mileages. Walking for short journeys can save you money and is a healthy option, too.

Stay safe
Keeping everyone on the road as safe as possible is the best motivation for showing caution behind the wheel – but if it also cuts the cost of car insurance, then so much the better!

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