Sunday, 24 March 2013

My snowy run (83/365)

I spent yesterday complaining and worrying about the snow ruining my training plans for the marathon. I arrived at the gym today, hoping to use the treadmill, to be told I'd need an induction first, 'council policy'. I'm so grateful that I was turned away! I had a choice between not running at all, thus missing a key weekend of training (taper begins soon so these are the final weeks of upping mileage) or giving the snow a go. I chose the latter, setting off with low expectations of how far I would actually manage. Strangely enough, I managed nearly 2 hours, I was surprised to find the country lanes had been completely cleared of snow, and the rest of the time the snow was still soft underfoot. I was happily distracted by the beauty of the snow around me, the time flew by and I barely noticed the hills I normally struggle up (I'm hoping this is adaptation to my training!) I would even go so far as to say today's run was one of my best, most enjoyable ever! Who'd have thought it!?!

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