Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A crazy week of weather and enjoying being outdoors

Storms have hit the UK, with widespread flooding in some counties and gale force winds (I even read we're on tornado watch!) We got drenched just making the two minute walk up the hill to nursery at lunchtime, and later this afternoon on the walk back to the car from drama club Eden and I were being blown to bits. Fortunately little Miss thought both situations were actually quite funny and she remained in good spirits! We joked that we should have brought our shampoo to wash our hair seeing as we'd got so wet in a rain 'shower'.

Regardless of what the weather's doing, I do love being outside. It lifts my spirits and I feel alive! It's easy in the summer to spend lots of time outdoors, but recently I've been trying to make more time even in the winter for us all to get out in the fresh air. Charlotte Mason writes how a child getting wet in the rain will not harm them, just like having a bath or shower won't, it's just important that they dry off well afterwards and don't stay in their wet clothes. 

Despite the weather, so far this week we've done a few different outdoor activities, and just this week have experienced for ourselves glorious sunshine, pouring rain, snow showers and strong winds! The kids have been out on their bikes. Eden enjoyed this more than Asher who was a little unwell and so didn't stay out long. Eden and I explored our local 'natural play space' consisting of tree trunks and rocks to climb on and an earthy mound to scramble up. We've decided we'll hide a geocache there at some point soon. We've also been tree climbing and squirrel spotting at a local park. 

I'd love to make more use of being outdoors to create lots of natural learning opportunities, there's so much to explore out there. 

Here's some pics from our outdoor times this week. I love the smile on her face and glint in her eyes as Eden has fun outside! 

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