Thursday, 27 March 2014

Our Very Hungry Caterpillar Day!

Last week to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the book, we held our own very hungry caterpillar themed day. Eden woke up excited (I'd told her the night before) and absolutely loved it, Asher (just turned 2) definitely understood the association going on through the day and enjoyed the activities. Balloons were a must! 

I made this play mat for Asher before he was born, we haven't had it out since he was a baby, so it was lovely to have it out again as part of a party today. 
Asher loved the caterpillar that I made from an old Pringles tube. I cut a hole in the lid for a mouth, stuck a face on and some green paper for the body, and printed out some VHC food (that we coloured in ourself as an activity in itself) which we then posted to 'feed' our caterpillar. Like I said, Asher really loved this activity and it kept him busy for ages. All week he's returned to this activity too. 
While he was playing, Eden and I filled in a multiple choice quiz answering questions about the VHC story. 
I found a sequencing printable on Pinterest where we put the parts of the story in order, and practised our counting
We did lots of painting, making butterflies with tissue paper, and caterpillars out of egg boxes. I love how these mini-canvas fingerprints came out - a nice keepsake of the day! 
The day's inspired me to do something similar again soon. Eden just found it a lot of fun, especially as she loves art and creating things. And for Asher it was really noticeable to see the connections being made through the day, the development of his speech and consolidating associations through spending a whole day on something. 

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