Thursday, 4 December 2014

A busy Christmassy day of Home Ed

Today has been a loooong day. For some reason both the kids woke early, I'm not sure whether it was linked to Eden remembering we were decorating the Christmas tree today or if it was just coincidence. 

Last week we were given a very large cardboard box from a friend. Yesterday I had the idea of turning it into a santa's workshop role play area. I had to be very self controlled in waiting for the kids to go to bed before starting it as I was so excited about the idea, haha! It looked really great all set up and the kids thought it was brilliant when they came downstairs this morning - so much so they didn't even notice at first that the tree was up too and ready to be decorated! 

After breakfast Eden and I took Viking for a training session at Merry Hill shopping centre. His behaviour is quite challenging at home at the moment, fortunately he's still very well behaved when we go out. Eden had been a little reluctant coming along with me with the excitement at home, but being able to choose something to spend her pocket money on (now she's 5) was a big incentive. I was very proud of her choosing something herself, taking it to the till and speaking to the cashier, getting her money out of her purse and handing it over, receiving her change and remembering to say thank you. 

Back home, we all decorated the tree before lunch. I love that we have a few new decorations each year to add to the tree - they make for lovely memories looking back. 

This afternoon we'd booked to go ice skating at Webbs of Wychbold. Asher was very eager to get on the ice!! He'd been pretend 'ice skating' around merry hill earlier this week and was keen to try out the real thing. He was unphased when he tried running in his special double blade skates and fell flat on his face. That was before he even got on the ice! On the ice he was so keen to be like everyone else skating along. A little beyond his capabilities! He was doing so well until he fell very slowly, not landing heavily, but managed to get an ice burn on his face. That ended his ice skating session as he'd had enough! Eden's confidence grew through the session - by the end she was guiding herself around the outside along the wall, and enjoying going at a bit of a speed, for her and managing to stay upright. I love ice skating! I don't remember ever 'learning' or goin regularly growing up, but I must've just picked it up on a couple of occasions. And Luke... Let's just stay ice skating isn't his favourite thing. 

Once back home, we sat down to watch the BFG (childhood fave I wanted to introduce the children to)  with hot chocolates and cups of tea. 

Oh I nearly forgot to mention one more Christmassy thing today... I made a Christmas pudding in my slow cooker! It was in there for 9 hours. It looks great, wish I could taste it but that will have to wait until Christmas week! 

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