Sunday, 4 January 2015

Enjoying the Great Outdoors Week 1: 11.5 hours

I love Charlotte Mason's approach to education. One aspect is plenty of time spent outdoors in all weathers. I try and include some enjoyment in the fresh air everyday whenever I can. Some weeks more so than others depending on what else we have planned. Inspired by the families over at 1000hoursoutside, I thought it might be interesting this year to keep a record of how much time each week we spend on activities outside. This week Luke was off work so we did some extra visits which clocked up our total time spent outdoors. 

Last Sunday we visited Croome, a National Trust owned house and gardens. We took Viking, our guide dog pup, with us and enjoyed a sunny afternoon walking around the grounds. 

Monday we had family visiting us for the day for Christmas. It was a great opportunity for us to blow off the cobwebs and go for a family walk across the fields by our house. It was fab to watch the cousins enjoying each other's company having not seen each other since the summer. 

Tuesday was another sunny but cold day. We visited Warwick Castle with my folks, making use of our annual pass that we won recently in a competition. I especially enjoyed watching the kids playing with the ice in the pond in the peacock garden. 

Wednesday, New Years Eve, we took our scooters to the park, Luke and I now have our own too (to keep up with the kids - beats running after them) and they are sooooo much fun!

Thursday, New Years Day, Eden and I popped to the park with her new bike to get some cycling practice in - she recently learnt to cycle without her stabilisers. Later that day we enjoyed a visit to Hanbury Hall, another National Trust owned property. We had a very interesting tour of the house, learning the story of the families who owned it, and a hearty lunch in the restaurant before a walk around the gardens. 

Friday afternoon we took Viking for a walk across the fields nearby, then straight into the car with the scooters for a scoot and play at our local park. The kids played desert islands on the climbing frame there, Asher's idea. 

It's been cold but sunny and mostly dry week this week. Yesterday was the exception - it was very wet. Our enthusiasm for being outside was dampened too, so dashes between shops and front doors was enough activity for us! Luke being off work has given us a good excuse to get out and about this week, especially as our usual home ed activities haven't restarted yet after the Christmas break. But I'll try and keep up momentum next week. 

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