Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Great Outdoors Week 3: 5 hours

We started the week looking for signs of flower fairies, following the arrival of a new book which really captured the kids' imaginations! We had a cold wintry walk accompanied by Viking over the fields by our house, practising our observation skills. I love that Asher often finishes these walks proclaiming 'That was fun!' - long may his enthusiasm continue. Eden would happily spend longer out on these walks, which bodes well for the better weather. 
Mid-week saw the arrival of our first snow of the year. Sadly it didn't last longer than a day, but was enough to cause much excitement first thing in the morning and lots of outdoor time on Wednesday playing in the snow, and a walk tramping through the snow to the local pub for lunch. 
The week finished with time in the garden helping Daddy clear the hedge which has slowly been creeping out taking over our garden. Plans are underway to reclaim the space for spring. We've also had a scooter session at the park. Motivation has been quite low this week as Asher and I have both been fighting off colds/flu making me particularly very tired. The weather forecasts more snow later this coming week so fingers crossed for some more snowy pictures this time next week! 

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