Sunday, 11 January 2015

Enjoying the Great Outdoors Week 2: 2 hours 15

After last week's great start, I thought this week would prove to be more of a challenge to get outside and I was right! Our normal home ed activities have restarted following the Christmas break and this week has made me realise that I need to be more creative, and organised, to fit outdoor time into our day, particularly with the shorter and colder days over winter. 

Monday, is our 'free' day - I like a slow start to the week, we potter at home, or out and about doing our own thing. The day was really sunny and I'd planned for us to go to Clent, some local hills, and do some stick activities. Unfortunately I was expecting a delivery, ironically a new pair of wellies for Asher, and it unfortunately didn't arrive until early afternoon, so we'd waited in for it. We still managed to fit a trip to the park in afterwards though, squeezing the visit in before Eden's opticians appointment. 

As I was really disappointed not to have made it to clent on Monday, on Tuesday first thing, as soon as it was light, we headed over there, and set up camp in the natural play space. The kids loved the early start, as did I! We made bird feeders, drank hot chocolate, squelched through amazing mud (Asher testing out his new wellies) and watched bugs scuttling along logs, they really captured Asher's attention, which was great to see. While there, we bumped into a tutor setting up a forest school activity for his pgce students. The activity looked intriguing (coloured wool hung on branches) and he took the time to explain to the kids what he was doing and asked them about the feeders they'd made for the birds. 

The early start on Tuesday had been such a success with the kids that we did it again on Thursday. This time taking our guide dog pup with us for a wet and muddy walk in the rain over Walton Hill, which is the adjacent hill right next to Clent, and always much quieter. I wasn't sure how the kids would like the cold and wet first thing in the morning, but they didn't complain once and again seemed to love the experience! 

Total time this week has been 2:15, much less than last! However the positive is that we've all discovered we like being outside first thing, whatever the weather, and the benefit of this is that we have the rest of the day ahead of us, not affecting our other home ed activities. Intending to be organised enough to keep this up in the coming week. 

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