Sunday, 10 May 2015


Today we visited a local community gardens for 'Nettlefest', an interesting event to celebrate Nettles! With having the kids and Viking our guide dog pup with us, we didn't make it to any of the talks or workshops unfortunately, which were all about how to utilise nettles, an abundant free resource! We were however inspired, and when we got back home Luke went out to pick some nettles and began making some nettle beer, convenient as our previous home brew is running low. 

There was lots of other things to do around the community garden. We visited the beehives:
Did some chalking on the pavement (and inevitably clothes!) 
We decorated biscuits, and Viking was popular with some of the other kids there. 

The highlight for us though was the pond dipping. Asher surprisingly caught 2 newts, before Luke caught a third. Eden was a little disappointed not to catch any, but instead she helped release them back into the pond, having a hold in the process. 

An enjoyable afternoon of family time together. 

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