Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Great Outdoors wk 22: 8.5 hours

Half term week is always a strange one for us, out of routine and we avoid anywhere likely to be busy with the kids being off school. This week we've had lots of lovely quiet play dates with friends,  enjoying outside time in the process. A highlight has to be the sculpture trail we found at a nearby nature reserve that we hadn't visited before. The kids and their friends loved running ahead to find the next one. There was also a lovely bridge over a stream that we spent quite a while playing on, throwing leaves and twigs into the water and balancing on rocks. We've finished off our outside time this week with a trip to the allotment, to put the pumpkins and courgettes in and to do a little weeding. However, rather than joining in the kids instead played happily in the sandpit, listening in they were creating mountains in the sand for adventures. 

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