Friday, 22 January 2016

Disney: meeting the characters

This week we've been looking forward to all the character interactions while we're at Disney. We've talked about who we saw last time and who especially is on our list to meet this time. We've 'fast passed' (booked for free in advance so we don't have to wait in queue) some of our faves and some of the most popular characters - eg Anna and Elsa! 

We've spent some time talking about politeness and queue etiquette. The kids can practice their social skills, we've discussed how it's polite to say 'hello' and to greet the character by their name, to speak up clearly and to look them in the eye. We've discussed how they can politely ask for autographs using their manners and to remember to say thank you and goodbye. We've also talked about asking the characters some relevant questions eg asking Cinderella what shoe size she is, or asking Ariel how she got to her grotto when there's no water. Eden wants to ask Anna if it hurt her when she was struck by Elsa's power. 

The kids need no encouragement to colour, so we've spent some time this week colouring in some printables, which we'll take with us to give to the characters we meet. I love this website's collection of Disney characters for colouring, and they print out really well from the iPad.

We're continuing to get to know the films and characters, so have been watching Disney movies and have been in the Disney Junior website to play some games here

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