Tuesday, 9 February 2016

DIY Child's Disney Beast Costume

I finished making Asher a Beast costume yesterday, and I know I'm biased but I think he looks super-cute in it! 
As I discovered a few weeks ago, Beast costumes are really hard to find. There's none available to buy directly in the UK. When we go to Disney, we have a meal planned in the 'Be Our Guest' Beast castle, so a few weeks ago I showed Asher a photo of the Beast costume and asked him if he'd like one, and he was adamant that he didn't, which was fine. Fast forward to last week, now too late to order from abroad for it to arrive in time, and all of a sudden Asher is asking for the Beast costume. Usually I would've explained the situation and said unfortunately it was too late. BUT on this occasion, I thought he would make a very cute Beast, so looked into making my own costume for him instead. 

Hanging in the back of my wardrobe, is a blue jacket that I wore a couple of years ago to a wedding. It is the perfect colour to match the Beast's dinner jacket. I thought it was worth a shot at re-purposing it.

I'm not at all, by any means, an expert sewer, I've never had lessons and only know one stitch on my machine. I HATE hand sewing and am a pragmatist and like to just get on with things and see quick results, hoping for the best and a bit of a fluke that things will turn out ok in the end. So a bit of snipping here, and sewing there, and some accessories off eBay and Asher's Beast costume was made! I am so chuffed with the results! Total fluke but I love it! Now my 3 year old better not change his mind on the night! 😆

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