Sunday, 4 October 2009

Autumn has arrived

Autumn is most definately here! As I write this, I've just finished blanching and freezing the produce I've just picked from the allotment this afternoon - 5 cabbages and 35 sweetcorn (mostly baby corn that I'll use for stir frys). Luke dug up some more potatoes. This year we have LOADS of potatoes and 3 times as many onions, but our other crops dont seem to have done as well as last year. I think this is partly because we haven't devoted as much time to weeding, partly the weather, and partly the soil needing abit of nourishment.

At church this morning we had a harvest thanksgiving service. Mandy's beetroot and butternut squash are fantastic.

Other signs that autumn is here:
  • Chilly mornings before work
  • Beautiful shades of leaves on the trees
  • X factor and Strictly Come Dancing have begun
  • The nights are drawing in and it's dark by around 7pm

Last year one of my favourite things about autumn was going for a run on a saturday evening. I'd leave just as the sun was setting and do a 7km loop around the roads nearby. I love running in the dark. I'd get back in time to catch the end of 'Hole in the Wall', a really pointless programme and typical saturday night trashy tv, which I'd listen to in the background whilst cooking a roast. Then Luke and I would sit down with our big roast dinners, a glass of wine and watch strictly and x factor. I really miss my running! If I wasn't preggers I'd have started up this little ritual on Saturday evening already by now. But I have a few more weeks to wait yet...

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