Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ste comes to visit

This weekend Ste came to visit us. He arrived Friday evening, and after a pizza/garlic bread/ chips feast (carb overload) we watched Cloverfield, which Luke had borrowed from a colleague. It was ok, but a little pointless and not much storyline.

Saturday morning Luke and Ste went on a bike ride in the New Forest. I was sad to miss it, and would've loved to have joined them. I really miss both cycling and running at the moment, as I've said in a previous post. While they were gone I walked upto Sainsburys to buy some Cream of Tartar and yellow food colouring. You may be wondering why - both vital ingredients to making yellow play dough that I needed for sunday kids club this morning. So I got back and made a couple of batches of it.

Luke and Ste got back at lunch time and we made bacon sandwiches, then drove into Ocean Village Marina for coffee and cake at Harbour Lights cafe. We took a stroll around the marina and admired all the expensive boats.

When we got back, I prepared a roast dinner and we sat down for a game of Settlers of Catan ( we played the extended edition - Seafarers of Catan) and watched X factor.

This morning at church the play dough went down well - we made lions for the story of Daniel and the Lions. The kids were really attentive and it was a good session. Then we went for a quick hot chocolate in Borders before lunch at home. Just enough time for another game of Seafarers of Catan (the game is SO addictive!) before Ste left to drive back home.

Had a great weekend hanging out with Ste, and it took my mind off all-things-baby for a bit, which was quite nice really.

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