Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Baby Shower

On Saturday, Joy and Ann organised a Baby Shower for Luke and I. About 35-40 people came along, and we felt very loved and blessed. We had a ploughmans supper and mini cakes, and they had organised some games to play. I really enjoyed the 'guess the baby' game (matching who was who as a baby, the easiest was Ian Browse, who still has the same mouth!) We also played guess my waist circumference, taste the baby food (which I really couldn't face doing), guess the number of sweets in the baby bottle and afew others. We gave Joy and Ann a list of A-Z of names for boys and girls, one of which we'd already picked, so everyone guessed the name, which'll be announced when the baby's born.

We had a huge pile of presents to open, and just opened one each at the baby shower. Graham, Di and Mandy really wanted us to open theirs. It was a giant baby bottle money box filled with feeding teats that they got from Uganda. Funny thing was though, that both Luke and I initially thought that the bottle was filled with something else, that look very similiar to teats and would be useful for birth control.... I didn't quite know what to think when Di exclaimed: 'They're from Africa, so might not fit' !!

In some ways, this week feels like my first 'proper' week of maternity leave as up until now I haven't been at home on my own. So I'm trying to get into a routine of a leisurely wake up in the morning, followed by a walk and general 'nesting' chores. Then in the afternoon relaxing, having a quiet time and practising my breathing and relaxation.

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