Monday, 23 November 2009

Snippets of news

Nelson has been rehomed! I called the RSPCA on Tuesday last week for an update on how he was doing, and was told the good news. I got off the phone to an odd feeling of being happy and sad at the same time! Happy that he now has a new family and it didn't take nearly as long as what they thought (christmas time at the earliest was what they told us due to the huge number of cats and kittens they had for rehoming at the moment). Still, sad feelings that he's 'moved on' and we won't see him again.

On Tuesday I also called Taprobar in London, a tea shop that sells our favourite tea - Mackwoods. It's the only place in the UK that sells it. We first tasted the tea on our honeymoon in Sri Lanka, when we visited the Labookelie Tea Estate. We've been fans ever since, and ordering our tea is one of our little indulgences in life! The order arrived the next day, and included was a complimentary pretty wooden gift box for storing our tea bags in. A nice surprise.

We actually had lots of parcels arrive last week, as we've done most our christmas shopping online now to get it out of the way before the baby arrives. Much as it's always exciting to have a parcel arrive, the other particularly exciting parcel (well.. exciting for me, not sure Luke shares my enthusiasm!) was the arrival of the custom-made cloth nappy that I ordered from Weenotions. It's a beautiful design and I cant wait to try it out on the baby!

I think beautiful cloth nappies may become another one of our little indulgences in time....

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