Saturday, 23 April 2011

Back Garden

We've had a really busy day working on the house (the weather is great at the moment which helps alot with motivation!) As well as finishing painting Eden's room, we pressed on with working on the back garden. First job for Luke was to attack the weeds and overgrown grass with the strimmer, we could then get a better view of what we were dealing with. This afternoon we had some generous help from my Dad, Grandad and sister, Jess, who all helped with raking up the strimmed debris and piling up the rubble. Finally, Luke has made a start at paving the bottom of the garden (previously a stinging nettle garden) in preparation for rebuilding our shed.

Over the weeks since we've moved, I've been watching the pattern of the sun through the day. The morning sun shines strongly into our dining room, and on the back of our house and the front section of the back garden. Through the day the sunlight travels round to the front of the house, but because of the way the house is angled, the evening sunlight hits the back of the back garden. I think we'll plan to have decking next to the house for morning sunlight, and a paved patio area near the shed for the evening sunlight.

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